Existing projects

VITA-SANA Residence, Austria

VITA-SANA Residence, Grossgmein, Salzburg, Austria – care and rehabilitation residential estate, real estate project implementation with land acquisition and the erection of
buildings with 64 flats, in partnership with Supersberger Group GmbH for which due-diligence services, related documentation work for the investment fund and the drafts for the agreement were prepared by MAXsolutions GmbH.

Astana Waste Management, Kazakhstan

Astana Waste Management, Astana, Kazakhstan – the waste management and alternative energy plant development project in Astana with the total estimated investment of 32.000.000 euroes, currently on the lookout for the investments, with the estimated implementation phase of 24 months, for which the project management and structuring of the project services and support to the investor in decision making is provided by MAXsolutionsGmbH.

Wind Park, Namibia, Africa

Wind Park project, Namibia, Africa – MAXsolutions GmbH has completed the preliminary research and analyses for the wind power installation on the coastal location in Namibia
which is the existing project with the lookout for investment.

Brünner Straße, Vienna, Austria

Bruner Strasse project, Vienna, Austria – the existing residential real estate project covering 2.000 sq.m area, with estimated total investment of 5 mln euros including the purchase of the estate and repairing works, on lookout for investment of 1 mln euros, for which MAXsolutions GmbH has provided project financial evaluation and due-diligence services.

Strasshof Residences, Austria

Strasshof project, Austria – MAXsolutions GmbH has provided the project management and preliminary development services for the existing residential real estate project with duration of 1 year covering the area of 750sq. and with the estimated total investment of 1.000.000 euros and for 200.000 euros of
investment lookout for building and placing on sale 3 estates.

Rechnitz Wind Park

Rechnitz Wind Park project, Burgenland, Austria – the existing wind park development project with total investment of 1.500.000 euros in the Burgenland region of Austria with lookout for investment, for which MAXsolution has provided the project development and financial controlling services.


Lanzenkirchen project, Austria – the existing residential real estate project in the thermal resort 1 hour away from Vienna, covering the total area of 2ha of which 1 ha is spared for development the estates and 1 ha is spared for development of the green park close to the lake, forest and the river, with total estimated investment of 26.000.000 euros, with lookout for 15.000.000 euros investment, for which MAXsolutions GmbH has provided the project development and the business planning services.


Project Neufeld

Neufeld an der Leitha is a picturesque town famous for its lake named after the town, located just 30 minutes of drive from Vienna and on the boarder with Hungary. The town has all the amenities and services, and it is often visited by tourists, locals and the Viennese for yachting and sailing activities on the lake which creates a relaxing and lively ambience.

MAXsolutions GmbH is glad to announce that a new property is available in Neufeld an der Leitha just 5 minutes away from the lake, situated in the great residential neighbourhood. The spacious 2-floor house on offer for 199.000 euros has a personal garden area and overlooks the green field. Due to the fact that the house was not occupied for quite a long period, it needs some renovation works which is rather a positive sign as it can be redesigned according to the new owner’s taste. All the necessary information on the object and the photos will be provided immediately on request.

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